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Changchun Huatian Hotel

2288 Jingyang Road Changchun

Changchun Huatian Hotel is a five-star commercial and foreign-oriented hotel. This hotel is invested and administrated by Hunan Huatian Hotel CO.LTD which joined in the Twenty-Tops of China Hotel Trade Group and first to be awarded Five Star Diamond Award. Changchun Huatian Hotel is located in Changchun Lvyuan area with convenient geography location where is 60-minute-trip to the Airport and only 15-minute-trip to the Train station.

Changchun Huatian Hotel has over 520 guest rooms; the self-contained, deluxe and spacious Executive Floor and Talents Club are special designed according to the requirements of commercial guests. Considerate butler service will bring you royalty, elegance and comfort.

Restaurants in different style including Chinese flavor or Western food and bars will be to your satisfaction for multiple consumption requests; newly decorated Bathing center, Gym center, Bowling center, indoor swimming pool etc.will bring you unique relaxation experience.

To stay in Huatian hotel is the best choice for commercial guests and travelers.


The organizer doesn't provide accommodation, and we suggest you make an early reservation.



Site of the conference

Changchun Huatian Hotel

Addr: 2288 Jingyang Road, Lvyuan District, Changchun City

Tel: 0086-431-87809684  Miss Zhou

Agreement Price: Standard Room, Twin bed, RMB 400 (with breakfast)

Map and Route to Huatian Hotel:

Longjia Airpot to Huatian Hotel: about RMB 100 Yuan taxi needs.

Railway Station to Huatian Hotel: about RMB 20 Yuan taxi needs.


Recommended Hotels:

When Booking your hotel please mention you are to attend the conference of CMCE2010 or you are guest of Changchun University of Technology. Then you will enjoy the price agreement.



New Jiliang International Hotel

  Jiliang Grain Group New International Hotel is a three-star international business hotel. Hotel is located 1515 Chuncheng Street in Changchun city. Hotel general management area 15,000 square meters, building height of 15 floors, including 14 floors and 1 basement.

Addr: 1515 Chuncheng Street, Lvyuan District, Changchun City

Tel: 13180810310  15604444011  Mister Liu

Agreement Price: Standard Room, Twin bed, RMB 228 (with breakfast)
























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