2010 International Conference on Computer, Mechatronics, Control and Electronic Engineering (CMCE 2010) is co-sponsored by Intelligent Information Technology Application Research Association and Changchun University of Technology. This conference will cover issues in Computer, Mechatronics, Control and Electronic Engineering. The conference proceedings will be published by IEEE, and all papers accepted will be included in IEEE Xplore and indexed by EI Compendex and ISTP. CMCE 2010 will be held on August 24-26, 2010 in Changchun, China.


CMCE 2010 provides numerous opportunities for attendees to increase their knowledge and understanding of all aspects of Computer, Mechatronics, Control and Electronic Engineering. It is also an outstanding chance to meet and network with reliability colleagues from around the world. We look forward to seeing you in Changchun!





A. Computer

Ÿ Pervasive Computing

Ÿ Mobile and Wearable Computing

Ÿ Software Engineering

Ÿ Internet ware

Ÿ Parallel and Distributing Computing

Ÿ Artificial Intelligence

Ÿ Trusted Computing

Ÿ Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

Ÿ ZigBee Wireless Networks

Ÿ Embedded Systems


B. Mechatronics

Ÿ Manufacturing Process Measurement and Control    

Ÿ Automobile and Electronic Technology

Ÿ Digital Design and Manufacturing Technology

Ÿ Precision Manufacturing and Measurement

Ÿ Vehicle Electronic Control and Measurement Techniques

Ÿ Measurement and Control of Vibration and Noise

Ÿ Dynamic Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis for Equipment

Ÿ Mechatronics and Robotics

Ÿ Vehicle Dynamic Performance Simulation

Ÿ Special Processing and Control Technology

Ÿ Casting, Forging and Welding Process Control


C. Control

Ÿ Fault Diagnosis

Ÿ Adaptive control and Learning Control 

Ÿ Optimal Estimation and Predictive Control

Ÿ Intelligence Control

Ÿ Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems 

Ÿ Measurement and Control of Secondary Refining Process

Ÿ Energy Saving Control Technology

Ÿ Distributed Control System and Applications


D. Signal Processing

Ÿ Signal Identification and Prediction

Ÿ Image and Video Signal Processing 

Ÿ Adaptive signal processing

Ÿ Intelligent Computing in Signal Processing

Ÿ Speech Processing

Ÿ High Order Spectral Analyzing

Ÿ Communication



NotePapers on the above four topics are not limited to these subtopics.          




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